In 2006, W' the movie was an upcoming surreal satire on the presidency of George W Bush, beginning with 2000 elections and ending with the 2008 campaign. This was the official website for the promotion of this apocalyptic nightmare fantasy on the George W. Bush years and the effect they have on the film's protagonist, BlueMahler, a liberal reporter, the newspaper he works for, Issues and Alibis, his family, and his life.
The content below is from the site's 2006 archived pages and other sources.


W the movie
January 17, 2007
 The new Theatrical Trailer is up. View it 'Youtube' style now! A new Theatrical Poster is up as well. Plus view Alfred Eaker's art at the Artistic Spirit Gallery.

January 07, 2007
 New Website and many new screenshots. Also a new trailer coming up soon!

May 15, 2006
 Screenshots from the Film have been uploaded!

Feburary 14, 2006
 The pinnacle moment of a finished final cut has been achieved. Now the long process of finishing with visual effects and sound will commence to bring you "W" in all its epic glory.

January 26, 2006
 4 different format trailers uploaded!

January 20, 2006
 Domain Name fixed. Welcome to the new!

January 06, 2006
 Trailer Uploaded

November 11, 2005
 New Website


At the dawn of the 21st century, strange things begin to happen when a meteor crashes in the Arizona desert. A Texas Oil Man discovers the meteor and inside it, his long lost son, W.

With his daddy's help, W steals the presidential election, becoming the 43rd President of the United States and a world of chaos begins! 

After 911, W brings War and with it, suppression of all free thought. Among those standing up to the new regime are the staff of Issues and Alibis, including our superhero, the intrepid reporter BlueMahler. 

Issues and Alibis, and likewise, all creative thinkers, are a threat to W and the White House becomes the House of Oppression. W's hold on power begins to spiral out of control after the people finally wake up following the disaster of a devastating hurricane and the failure of War. But change is on the horizon in the form of the Yes candidate, Barak Hussein Osama. Or will W's handpicked successor, Johnny McPain, continue the legacy of No? 

Have we realized too little too late and are we prepared for the next time a meteor crashes in the Arizona desert? 

'W' is an Alfred Eaker motion picture. 

Written and produced by Alfred Eaker 

Directed by Alfred Eaker and Ross St. Just 

A Pink and Blue Films production in association with Liberty or Death Productions and Asylum House Productions.

W the movie
Alfred Eaker  as W, BlueMahler, the Senator, Patriotic Ape, Stigmatic Frog, Dr. Flotsam, Reve. Phelps, and The Foxxx Newsman. 

PinkFreud  as Cheryl, the Jezebel and PinkFreud. 

John M. Bennett  as the Oil Man. 

Ross St. Just  as Samson. 

Justin Barnes  as the Red Neck Tooth Fairy and assorted other characters. 

Uncle Ernie  as Hemlock Stones, W.C. Fields, Goliath, and Uncle Ernie. 

Wendy Collin Sorin  as the Stigmatic Frog Grave Digger. 

Michael Basinski  as the planet Pluto, the Moon and the Sun. 

Lauren Paige  as Delilah. 

Fr. Justin Belitz  as Himself. 

Gary Pierce  as Saddam Hussein. 

Brother Brown  as Uncle Sama Ben Llama. 

Steven Gray  as Jeb Head. 

Terry Dillinger  as the Keystone Kop. 

Richard Carson  as the Dirty Pope. 

Lil Diamond  as CondoLisa Rice. 

Dan McNeal  as the Apocalyptic Frog worker. 

Randy Rose  as Reverend Phelps Son #1 

Daniel Ladishew  as Reverend Phelps Son #2, and a warehouse robot. 
The Jazz Quartet 

Ashley Lotts
Cedric Samuels
Servanes J. Wilson
Maggie A. Lewis
The Cowboys 

David Eaker
Gaar Scott
Jordan Kilgore
John Stein
Larry Myers
Shawn Gray
The Cowgirls 

Carrie Eaker
Anita Gray
Deanna Myers
The Children 

Kaitlyn Eaker
David Eaker II
Tracy Gray

And introducing Mike Wrathell  as the King of Pluto. 


W the movie

Director  Alfred Eaker. 

Co-Director  Ross St. Just 

Producer  Alfred Eaker 

Associate Producers  Ernest Stewart, Wendy Collin Sorin, and Steven B. Sorin 

Director of Photography  Nick Hess 

Additional Cameras  Ross St. Just and Matthew Latorre 

Visual Design  Alfred Eaker and Wendy Collin Sorin 



Visual Art 
Wendy Collin Sorin 
Ian Pyper 
Janet Culbertson 
Mike Wrathell 
Alfred Eaker 
Ernest Stewart 
John M Bennett 
C. Mehrl Bennett 
Elena Mary Siff 

Jim Leftwich 
Daniel C. Boyer 
Linda Stein 
Reid Wood 
Tom Block 
Justin Barnes 
Bruce Yurgil 
Daniel J Ladishew 
Ross St. Just 
Casting  Alfred Eaker and Anita Gray 

Storyboards  Ross St. Just 

Editing  Ross St. Just, Daniel J Ladishew, Alfred Eaker, and Whitney Eaker 

Sound Design/Mixing  Ross St. Just 

Make-up  Alfred Eaker, Haley Barnes and Andrew Funk 

Inspired in part by the book '"Strange Things Begin To Happen When A Meteor Crashes In The Arizona Desert" by Michael Basinski and Wendy Collin Sorin and the anti-war manifesto of John M. Bennett. 

Original Screen Play  Alfred Eaker 

Story Developments  Alfred Eaker and Ernest Stewart 

Additional Story Development  Justin Barnes, Ross St. Just and Daniel J. Ladishew 

Additional Dialogue  Ernest Stewart 

Music by  Buzz Kimball, Walter Ciancisusi, Vincent Bergeron, and Harold Schellinx 

Additional Music by  Beethoven and Mahler. 

Contributing Bands  DJ Monkey 

Special Thanks for Music Assistance to George Zepos. 

And additional thanks to Myriam Scherchen for all her assistance and support. 


W the movie
Special Thanks
Shawn and Tammy Miller for use of their "Dorman Street Saloon." 

John M and Cathy Bennett for the Ohio location shoot. 

The Williams Family for the woods location shoot. 

Dave Haaz-baroque and Shadow Circus for supplying the George W. Bush and Michael Moore puppets. 

Kristin Norman of CollectiveKitz for Hosting of the Website. 

Marc Perkel of Computer Tyme Hosting of the Domain. 

And the editors, reporters and staff of Issues & Alibis magazine.